Fundraisers and

Special Events

Whether you are the head of fundraising for a school, sports organization, scouts, church, or any other non-profit organization, Atlantis Skateway is the place for you. We offer a full service roller skating facility that can raise money for you very easily without all the hassle of going door to door or other fundraising methods... All you do is pick a day Monday-Thursday depending on availability (call us), a time (say 6:30-8:30pm/7-9), admission price (minimums apply), and all we do is split the door. It's as easy as that & fun for the whole family!!! Contact us today to see just how easy it is and how we can customize a plan that will work best for you! Call us at: 561-964-4300 to book your event today! Hurry dates are booking up fast. When calling please have a couple dates in mind to check availability for.
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Special Events

Are you looking to have the ultimate party that all your friends will be talking about??? Whether you want to do a skating party to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, corporate party, BarMitzva or BatMitzva, or just need the space of a 24,000sq. ft. building Atlantis Skateway is the place for you!!! You can afford a 24,000sq ft building easier than you think, because we have the best prices around! So don't delay and give us a call today to book your special event that won't be soon forgotten. 

Call us at 561-964-4300 

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